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New Zion Shilohs
Lisa Barber
11922 North Rd.
Fillmore, NY 14735


Free To Good Home
(New owner must pay spay/neuter fee and transportation fee if any)

Zion's Perfect Suka
Dk Black/Silver Plush
Suka is a full sister to Piston. She is a very sweet and loving girl and loves to get belly rubs. She can be protective if need be but most of the time she lets the humans deal with that.



Zion's Race to the Finish Tonia
Lt Black/Silver Plush
This girl is full of herself and lets everyone know it. She does have a sweet loving side that her family gets to see. She would excel in herding, she does also have a goofball side to her like her brother Artic.


She is in a foster home in PA


For Sale
(All Males will be sold on a Breeders Agreement and Females will be sold on a Co-Ownership)
Coco will be placed on a strict co-own only!!!
Zion's Promise of Coco
Lt Black/Cream Smooth
Coco is a very loving and sweet girl with her family and gets along with everyone here. When you first meet Coco it may take a little bit for her to warm up to you, but once she does, she is your friend for life.



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